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"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."


- Steve Jobs -


    Luís Mendonça

    Luís Mendonça

    Founder & CEO

    DSI Academy Dean

    Luís Mendonça is a recognized transformational senior leader with more than 20 years of business experience. He started his career as a trainee at the Votorantim Group and, finally, he was director of polyurethane business for Huntsman Corporation for Central and South America. Previously, he was director of polyurethane business for Brazil. Luis has extensive international business experience, with professional exposure in more than 30 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. In 2014, he was the winner of the Lifetime Excellence Award, an important recognition of the market for his contributions to the polyurethane industry in Latin America.

    Luis is the founder of DSI Partners, and serves the company as CEO. He is specialized in Change Strategy, Disruptive Strategy and Digital Disruption - Digital Transformation Strategies with the best Business Schools (Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, Cambridge University, Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School). He has an International Executive MBA from the University of Ohio / FGV, a master's degree in Science and Engineering of Materials / Polymers and a specialization in Production Management, both from the Federal University of São Carlos - UFSCar and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Technological Chemistry from Universidade Estadual Paulista - UNESP.



    Marco Quirino

    Marco Quirino

    Vice President

    Head of DSI Consulting

    Marco Quirino has a strong leadership background with more than 30 years of management experience in Latin America, United States and Europe. He has dealt with diverse company cultures, such as Dow Chemical Company (Latin America Plastics Business Director); Fosfertil (Commercial Director for Agricultural and Industrial Markets); Braskem (Polyethylene Business Unit Director); Univar (Latin America President) and Air Products (Latin America Vice President and General Manager). Marco also served as Board Member of the INFRA Group Mexico.  He has deep knowledge in building high performance teams, achieving improved results and developing long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. Throughout his career, he managed cultural changes, mergers and acquisitions, always driven by safety and integrity.

    As Co-Founder of DSI Partners, Marco is ready to support customers in implementing strategic and sustainable improvements to their businesses.

    He is a Mechanical Engineer from Mackenzie University (São Paulo, Brazil) and has specialization degrees from University of São Paulo (USP, Brazil), FGV (Sao Paulo, Brazil), INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France) and Wharton Business School (UPENN, USA).



    Luiz Felipe Lemos

    Luiz Felipe Lemos

    Vice President, CCO

    Head of Financial Services


    Luiz Felipe Lemos has built a solid career in Tax Planning and Finance during the past 25 years. His progression in corporate ranks made him a seasoned professional, with experience in Brazilian Multinational Companies, such as Sadia/BRF, Braskem and RHI-Magnesita, having accumulated four years’ experience in Europe, plus several internationalization projects in different countries such as USA, Mexico, Colombia and Russia. He has great knowledge in structuring multicultural teams and in managing structural changes amid mergers and acquisitions.

    As Co-Founder of DSI Partners, Luiz Felipe is ready to support customers in promoting structural and managerial improvements to foster the growth and internationalization of its business. He has a degree in Administration from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Minas Gerais, Brazil) and has a specialization degree in Finance from INSPER (São Paulo, Brazil).



    Fernando Sartori

    Fernando Sartori

    Legal Counsel

    Head of Legal Services




    Fernando Sartori has extensive experience in the area of business, corporate and tax law, consolidated in more than 20 years of legal practice in the activity of lawyer and as partner in a law firm focused on consulting aimed at legal entities, especially in the preventive segment.

    He is graduated in Law, as has specialization course at the postgraduate level in Tax Law by PUCCAMP (Campinas, Brazil), and extension courses in Accounting and Tax Planning by the São Paulo Association of Tax Studies - APET (São Paulo, Brazil), Center of University Extension - CEU / IICS (São Paulo, Brazil), and Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies - IBET (São Paulo, Brazil). He has developed solid strategic knowledge, identifying business opportunities, reducing risks and maximizing results from the implementation models of corporate restructuring, succession planning and tax planning, customized to the client's activities, according to the needs presented.

    As a consultant for DSI Partners, he contributes to the sustainable growth of our clients aiming at strategic improvements.



    Mateus William

    Silvio Buria

    Head of

    Lifelong Learning




    Post-graduated in Marketing Management (MBA), graduated in Business Administration (Marketing) and in Social Communication (Advertising). He is currently a business consultant in Strategic Planning and Marketing. He also works as a coordinator and professor of the Business courses at ESAMC (Higher School of Administration, Marketing and Communication) in Sorocaba and he is also a professor at the postgraduate courses at FHO (Fundação Hermínio Hometo) - Uniararas. He also serves as Marketing Director for Cliens Eventos e Promoções. He has worked in the Marketing department of ZF do Brasil, ESAMC and as a consultant and auditor for the Sorocaba City Hall. He has also served as Academic Director of ESAMC in São Paulo.


    Léa Sgai

    Léa Sgai

    Head of Chemicals

    & Agriculture





    Léa Sgai has over 30 years of experience in managing direct and indirect sales in Central and South America, with a wide and differentiated role in developing new markets, and the ability to establish strategic partnerships with customers. Léa has extensive experience in sales strategy, with a focus on valuing the tangible and intangible that make up the attributes to be offered and perceived by the customer.

    As a Co-founder partner of DSI Partners, Léa shares her experience in sales management acquired during these years working in companies such as Dow Chemical Company and Cabot, developing and supporting solid partnerships with customers in the continuous search to satisfy their needs. She is a Chemical Engineer from Escola de Engenharia Mauá (São Paulo, Brazil) and has a postgraduate course at FEA-USP (São Paulo, Brazil) and a specialization in “Strategic Business Management” at FGV (São Paulo, Brazil).



    Mateus William

    Alexia Azeredo

    Head of Paper, Forest Products & Packaging



    Alexia Azeredo has 30 years of experience in national and multinational companies, in the packaging, textile and consulting sectors, in leadership positions and broad performance focused on Operations, Purchasing and Supply Chain, Costs, Price Management and Plant Controlling, Sales Administration, Strategic Quality Management, Contracts and Investments.

    Throughout her career, she led her teams into a strong culture of being faster and lean by implementing computerization, business intelligence, and digital transformation. With a generalist profile, strategic vision and broad knowledge of the business, associated with strong leadership profile, she managed company's performance and effective profitability management.

    During last 20 years, Alexia worked at CCL Industries (largest global label company), as co-responsible for the company operations in Brazil, and was involved in strategic management and integration of acquisitions.

    She has a degree in Administration, from PUC (Minas Gerais, Brazil), specialization degree (in course) in Business Management (FDC, Brazil) and Post-MBA in Future, Trends and Innovation from Inova Business School (Campinas, Brazil).



    Mateus William

    Fabiola Franco

    Head of Metal

    & Mining


    Fabiola Franco has over 30 years of experience in the Commercial area of medium and large national and multinational companies in the Chemical, Oil & Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Food, Civil Construction, Biotechnology, Sanitation, Sugar and Energy Industry and Import industries. She has the ability in relationship with customers, negotiation and creating partnerships. Fabiola has expertise in development, management and maintenance of cross-cultural, high performance sales teams, to support B2B customer services, contract management and strategic projects at national and international level (LATAM, USA and Europe). Fabiola holds a degree of Chemical Engineering (FEI) and is post graduated in Industrial Administration (Fundação Vanzolini). Fluent in English and Spanish.


    Mateus William

    Leonardo Harsch

    Head of Logistics & Transportation



    Leonardo Harsch has a strong business background with a vast experience of more than 40 years in Petrochemical, Chemical, Glass and Plastic Compounding industries. He has fulfilled leading positions in operations, commercial area, higher management and finally as Managing Director in Brazil.

    He has management experience in international companies in Latin America and Europe including Exxon, Linde, Ciba Geigy, Cristalerías Chile and Borealis.

    Leonardo has an extensive international business management experience in global markets including North and Latin America, Europe and Asia.

    He was recognized for his ability in creating high performance teams, results driven, creating and implementing strategies and market consolidation. Also counts his vast experience with global customers like Procter&Gamble, Unilever, Concha y Toro, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automotive with different level of interactions, creating partnerships and negotiating and implementing long-term supply agreement.

    Leonardo created with his team 4 different legal entities in South America and built 3 production facilities around the world.

    He is a passionate runner with some marathons like New York, Berlin, Munich and Santiago.

    Leonardo is a Chemical Engineer from Universidad de Concepción, Chile with a post-graduation in Technical Chemistry from Technische Universität Munich, Germany and an MBA from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile.



    Mateus William

    Alexandre Moura

    Head of Health,

    Medical & Pharma



    Alexandre Moura has over 20 years experience working in large industrial global groups in the chemical, aerospace and construction segments, such as Cabot Corporation, Nalco Water, Embraer and Andrade Gutierrez. He has been building a solid career with progressive track record in negotiations with US, Europe and LATAM, delivering sustainable commercial results and nurturing strong partnerships. He is a recognized team builder in Latin America with proven ability to restructure and lead effective multicultural teams, while managing changes during mergers and acquisitions. With solid experience in strategic sourcing and cross-country leadership in multi-geographical organizations, he was able to deliver value added solutions to business stakeholders driven by integrity, collaboration and critical thinking. He holds a Civil Engineering degree from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG, Brazil), and specializations in Business Administration from Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC, Brazil) and Project Management from Universidade de São Paulo (USP, Brazil), plus various international training programs.


    Mateus William

    Francisco Lorenzo

    Head of Infrastructure,

    Energy and Oil & Gas



    Francisco Lorenzo has 35 years of success in the B2B Marketing and Sales many industries across Latinamerica. Started his career as Technical Sales Representative at Hoechst, currently Clariant, in Venezuela before joining Akzo Nobel Chemicals as General Manager Regional Sales Manager for Venezuela, Colombia, Central America and Caribbean.

    He also held positions as Business Development Manager for the Andean Region and Business Director for South America; in the last position Francisco participated in the AkzoNobel’s spin-off as leader for the Specialty Chemicals Units in South America which was rebranded as Nouryon.

    Francisco defines himself as Customer Centric and Value Driven. Passionate for the Business Intelligence and Modeling. He has led and developed multicultural and cross-functional teams for more than 25 years and holds degrees in Chemistry and Economics.


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