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DSI Partners is an international strategy and management boutique that offers in-depth knowledge to help you identify, plan and execute the strategic transformation initiatives your company needs to evolve.


With so many changes taking place in the corporate environment, new business models, digitization using strategies centered on digital platforms and artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, blockchain, nanotechnology, low-cost disruptive innovations, disruptive innovations in new markets and disruption of historical leaders, your company needs a strategic ally, prepared to help you navigate within its ecosystem in a conscious, unambiguous and decisive manner - as the tale of the transformation of the blue butterfly teaches us below.


We add more value when your strategy is transformational in nature, whether it's a digital transformation or not. We make a difference when your initiative is a business imperative and when the result is paramount.


We use strong knowledge and practical experience to bring about transformational changes in adverse business environments and provide tested and proven frameworks for successful implementation.


Through our exclusive Mutatis methodology, we offer a structured and flexible approach. It allows you to plan and execute your strategic transformation initiative, in collaboration with your team, transferring knowledge and positively transforming your company in the context of this new competitive environment.


DSI Academy is the first business academy in Latin America specialized in strategic transformation. Through our executive education programs, we provide executives at all levels with the knowledge and structures necessary to evolve in the art of generating strategic impact, maximizing their lifelong learning experience.


DSI Partners is committed to you and the success of your transformation; we are prepared to support your strategic transformation initiatives in Latin America.



The teachings of the tale of

transformation of the blue butterfly

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The transformation of caterpillar into butterfly is one of the most used metaphors to talk about resilience. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, a symbol of fragility and greatness simultaneously. So it is easy to find a butterfly as the protagonist of a tale of transformation.


This tale of transformation tells the story of a butterfly that thought it was still a caterpillar. The story of the beautiful blue butterfly, with large, strong and resistant wings, capable of going against the current, of flying through storms and facing the strongest of winds. The blue butterfly had big, beautiful, bright blue wings. A blue that contains a wide range of blue tones, from the lightest blue sky to the most furious sea. But it didn't even know itself.


“What you deny subordinates you.

What you accept transforms you“


-Carl G. Jung-

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This tale of transformation reminds us that we live in a changing world, in a world in constant evolution and that we are part of this dynamic world, being part of that evolution. But sometimes, even though we have transformed and have the strength to evolve, we are unable to accept and embrace it for several reasons: fear, shame, guilt ...


In this tale, a beautiful and strong blue butterfly could not accept that it was no longer a caterpillar and, therefore, could not live as if it were. A part of it wanted to evolve, but another part feared the changes and tried to cling to the past and continue to live the same way, including trying to be another being. IIt took a while to accept and find out what its wings were for and how it could live from then on. For that, it needed help of another butterfly.


In that sense, we must think that others tend to see our strengths more clearly than we do ourselves.




“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.

It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.“


- Charles Darwin -

DSI Partners is an international strategy and management boutique that offers in-depth knowledge to help you identify, plan and execute the strategic transformation initiatives that your company needs to evolve.


We are ready to support your strategic transformation initiatives throughout Latin America.



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